URL Params

You may alredy have the user data. In that case there is no need to ask them to fill-in their details in the Form Widget. The landing page of the campaign may contain some parameters that can be used from the Viral Loops snippet to register the participant automatically.

Supported Params

autoDetect=1Required. Triggers the auto-registration process.
referralCodeThe referral code of the referrer.
firstnameThe participant's first name.
lastnameThe participant's last name.
emailThe participant's email.
userCodeThe referral code of the participant.
autoTriggerOpens the popup automatically.


It is essential to include the autoDetect parameter in the URL - without it nothing happens.


The user's email is the next parameter that should be included. Optionally, you can add the firstname and the lastname of the participant.

Example usage

Coming from an email

Let’s say you want to notify your existing mailing list about your new referral program and you will send them an email about it. But you don’t want them to have to fill-in their details on the Form Widget.

You can include a button (or link) in that message so that when they click it they will get to your website with a URL just like before:

https://www.yourwebsite.com/referral-page/?firstname=Dimitris&[email protected]&autoDetect=1

Second page setup

In case the user has already registered and you need to redirected to a second page to show them eg a the Milestone Widget, you can add to the URL the parameter userCode and the they will be automatically identified:


Trigger the Popup

If you would like to like the participant to join automatically when they visit the page and also trigger the Viral Loops Button to open the Popup, use the param autoTrigger:

https://www.yourwebsite.com/?firstname=Dimitris&[email protected]&autoTrigger=1&autoDetect=1

Make sure to include the firstname and email parameters in the URL. The Viral Loops snippet will capture these from the URL and will add new participants to the campaign.