Refer a Friend

The Flow

  1. A participant signs up using the Form Widget which collects information about the participant and registers them to your Viral Loops campaign.

  2. After signing up, the Form Widget will display sharing options for the participant to invite their friends to also sign up.

  3. The Rewards Widget will display the rewards available for participants who invite their friends to sign up. It will update in real-time based on the received and pending rewards of the participant


To install the Form Widget and Rewards Widget on your website, you will need to follow a few simple steps:

First, ensure that you have correctly set up your site.

Next, add the following code to the page you'd like to run the referral program on your site.

To install the Form Widget, use the following code:

<form-widget ucid='Your Campaign ID'></form-widget>

To install the Rewards Widget, use the following code:

<rewards-widget ucid='Your Campaign ID'></rewards-widget>