Simple Participant Registration

Create your first Participant registration flow!

This code is an example of how to use the Viral Loops Javascript SDK to participate in a Viral Loops campaign.

// Participate in Viral Loops campaign
async function participateInViralLoops(user) {
  // Get campaign by ID
  const campaign = await ViralLoops.getCampaign("your Campaign ID");

  // Identify user in campaign
  console.log('[Viral Loops] Identifying...', user);
  const response = await campaign.identify(user).catch(error => {
    console.error("[Viral Loops] Participation error", error);

  // Log response
  if (response.isNew) {
       console.log('[Viral Loops] ✅ Participation completed!');
  } else {
       console.log('[Viral Loops] ✅ Identified participant!');

// User object with first name, last name, and email
const user = {
  firstname: "Jimi",
  lastname: "Hendrix",
  email: "[email protected]"